Sarah Monks

Sarah Monks

Web Developer | Web Designer | Mobile App Designer.

About me

I am a technically and logically minded individual who is passionate about writing high quality code. I enjoy working individually and also with a team.

Personal Details

Work Experience

  • Dublin Inquirer / Sept. 2016-March 2017

    As part of the Digital Skills course in D.I.T, I worked with a cross functional Team planning and developing a mobile application for the Dublin Inquirer.

    I was lead developer on this project.

    After the Digital Skills course was completed in Nov. 2016, I continued to develop the app for the Dublin Inquirer and successfully submitted it to the Google Play store and the Apple App Store in March 2017.

  • Blennerville Equestrian Centre (BEC)/July 2016-Nov. 2016

    I worked with a cross functional Team (as part of my degree in Digital Design and Technology) to improve Blennerville Equestrian Centre’s current web presence.

    I was responsible for the UX and Concept Design planning for the new wordpress website that we would build for BEC.

    Skills used in this project:

    • UML Diagram Creation
    • User personas and Scenarios
    • Task Flow Diagrams
    • Creating a Scope Document (with the Team)
    • Video Production
    • Agile SCRUM methodologies


  • Digital Skills Academy / 2015-2016

    B.Sc degree in Digital Design and Technology (Grade: 83%)

    I completed the coding stream on this course, in order to build on the programming skills I gained previous to the course.

    I had the honour of serving as a “HERO” coder, working on two Industry Partner Projects (instead of just one).

    In this course I developed skills such as:

    • Working with a cross functional team.
    • Working to a formal design document.
    • Using Agile & SCRUM methodologies.
    • UX & Concept Design skills.
    • Coding in several languages and frameworks (see skills)
  • Trinity College Dublin / 2005-2006

    Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Music & Media Technologies

    In this course I developed skills such as:

    • Video production and editing
    • Music production and composition
    • Music theory and aural training
    • Photoshop skills
  • University College Dublin / 2000-2004

    BA (Hons) degree in Computer Science and Spanish

    Achievements: For my final thesis project, I designed and developed a tool for converting Ascii-based Phonetic alphabets into the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
    I used Java to implement this.