Dublin Inquirer App

I worked with a cross-functional team, planning, designing and building the following application for the Dublin Inquirer newspaper company and their subscribers.
I was lead developer on this project.

The app is now available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Virtual Realty

I worked with a cross-functional team planning, designing and implementing a website to showcase an idea we had for a digital product we call "Virtual Realty".

Virtual Realty

Angular JS-"To Do list" App

I built a "To Do List" mobile application using Angular JS 1.x, HTML5 and CSS3.

Todo App

Alien Relatives

I built the following desktop application using React.js, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (including the Web Audio API), PHP (OOP) and mySQL.

The application is called "Alien relatives" and its aim is to create a fun, uplifting experience for the user.
Firstly, the user is prompted to enter their name. They are then informed of the "Alien tribe" they are related to (calculated based on the first letter of their name) and given a special wisdom message.

Alien Relatives

React Mp3 player

I built a simple mp3 player application using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and React.js.
I used the HTML5 Web audio API to enable the sounds to be played.

React App

Rails Noteboard app

I built the following simple CRUD application with Ruby on Rails. Please feel free to try it out!

Noteboard App

"Azula" Sticker pack

I created a "Sticker pack" called "Azula" which is on sale on the LINE sticker store.
I drew the images in Photoshop and created the apng files with APNG Assembler.
The word Azula comes from the Spanish word Azul which means blue.
The aim of the Sticker pack is to bring fun and vibrance to people's chats.

Azula waving
Azula puzzled
Azula laughing
Azula dancing
Azula crying
Azula zipping her mouth